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Adrienne Miskovich's Famous Computer

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Tell us what you like to do and our team will help you build your dream computer!

Tell us what you think, please remember that we are all human beings and need your support in helping us to improve.  We welcome complements as well. 

Just click this address to send us e-mail:

Or give us a call at (800) Muskie48

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We would like to wish Brett Farve a fast and speed recovery!!! We need you buddy!!!

If you go to this website, go to the fishing section and click on muskie.  Go to the second page, scroll down, about half way down, there article is called "Southern Wisconsin Muskies".  You will see a picture of Adrienne holding her prized catch.



All of the infromantion on this page is from these sites.  The rest is just made up and should not be taken seriously.  
THE FISH IS REAL.  I caught it on Leech Lake, MN.  48 inches long, caught and released.