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Adrienne Miskovich's Famous Computer

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These are just suggestions.  A very special thanks to Bose, Mircosoft, Antec, Asus, Intel, OCZ, Hatachi, Linksys, XFX, Creative Labs, CoollT, Ultra, Sony Logitech, IOmega, Samsung!  Keep up the good work making these wonderful products and keep standing behind the craftmanship of these fine items.  A very special thanks to my dear friend Joel for always being there!  P.S. Thanks for the sweatshirt.
A very special thank you to my family who has helped me to believe in myself.  Thanks for always being there for me Mom, Joe and Larry! 

All of the infromantion on this page is from these sites.  The rest is just made up and should not be taken seriously.  
THE FISH IS REAL.  I caught it on Leech Lake, MN.  48 inches long, caught and released.